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There are no opportunities for speculative levels of demand of meat, eggs and bakery products in the production chain, assured the representatives of branch organizations of meeting with the Deputy Ministers of Agriculture Tzvetan Dimitrov and Svetlana Boyanova. By order of the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov they must submit a report on the rise in the price of food products by Friday

The meeting aims to analyze whether there are any administrative and legal procedures to calculate the extra costs for producers and increased production costs, as well as the tools for the government to compensate them so they not to be at the expense of consumers.

Agricultural producers have assured that there are no reasons down the production chain e that will lead to speculative demand. Livestock breeding organizations indicated that the price of lamb and pork meat is not increased compared to the previous year and there be no objective prerequisites for this to happen during the holidays. They rely heavily on the financial aids for 2012 provided by the State Fund "Agriculture"

Eggs producers indicated that they have worked for a long time under the prime cost and currently pricing of their products barely cover the prime cost. They pledged to seek reserves for cost optimization and said that for some time that there is even a discount in prices with some manufacturers. According to bread producers prices of their products at Easter will not increase.

Producers urged to take legal action to regulate the relationship between producers, processors and traders. They also want to extend the possibility for direct sales of farm production and to facilitate administrative procedures for applying for funding under the direct payments, as well as European subsidies.

Proposals given by the producers will be presented to the working group including the ministers of agriculture, finance and trade, formed by order of Prime Minister.

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