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Today, on 10.04.2012, Bulgarian Food Safety Agency has signed a partnership agreement with the Bulgarian Food Bank. The agreement aims to support the work of the Food Bank, which is backed by over 60 leading companies, government and social organizations. All founders of the Food Bank, institutions and businesses that have signed an agreement with the BSFA aim to ensure long-term and year-round food assistance to the needy people.

Dr. Yordan Voynov, CEO of BFSA stressed that all food products confiscated by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency,  good for consumption will be donated to Food Bank to distribute them this way food products will reach all needy is not only social homes.

The activities of Bulgarian Food Bank relies on best practices and experience in food banking for 40 years in over 40 countries worldwide. The organization will be certified by the European Federation of Food Banks and the Global Food Banking Network in respect of the implementation of all applicable standards.

Bulgarian Food Bank has been established as a result of work of the "Food Banks" Forum within which  a consensus has been  reached between business and civilian sectors for the benefit of society.

The first Chairman of the Board is Mr. Antoine Collette, CEO of "Kraft Foods Bulgaria".

Contributing to the formation of BFB have all the  participants in the Food Banks" Forum " - Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, "PricewaterhouseCoopers' law firm Schoenherr, American Chamber of Commerce," Danone "," Sodexo " "Billa Bulgaria", "Nestle", the Bulgarian Red Cross, "Caritas", National Network for Children and others.

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